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Frequently Asked Questions

Listaamme tänne usein kysytyt kysymykset. Jos et löydä täältä vastausta kysymykseesi, niin ota meihin rohkeasti yhteyttä.


I have a question! How can I contact you?
The easiest way to contact us is via chat. In order for the chat to work properly, you need to accept the cookies first. Our support team is happy to help you and available from 8:00 to 16:00. You can contact us by email or phone.


What if I can’t get through the final exam on the first attempt?
You can repeat the exam two times. You can review the course material indefinitely before the exam.
Does the e-learning have a time limit for completion?
Execution time is not limited. You can start the course at a convenient time and attend it at a pace that suits you.
Does the final exam have a time limit for completion?
Execution time is not limited. You can take your time to answer the questions.

Forklift Safety Card

Can I drive a forklift after completing the Forklift Safety Card e-learning?
The Forklift Safety Card serves as proof of training, but it is not automatically a driving permission to drive a forklift. The employer must give the forklift driver the written permission to drive the forklift.
Can I drive a forklift after the training?
The Forklift Safety Card serves as proof of training, but it is not automatically a driving license to drive a forklift. According to a Government decree, the employer must give everyone the written permission of the forklift driver to drive the forklift truck. This card serves as proof to the employer that you have undergone proper theoretical training to drive the forklift and that you can be issued with a written driving license to drive the forklift. The Forklift Safety Card is valid for ... Read more
How Do I Renew a Forklift Card?
The Forklift Safety Card can be renewed by re-taking the course, attending further training or possibly passing a proficiency test. You can renew your course easily with our elearning.
What types of forklifts are covered in e-learning?
The Forklift Safety Card provides readiness and basic information for the following forklift types: support wheel truck, counterbalanced truck, side truck, pallet truck, side loader, reach truck, pallet truck and wheeled machine (frame control). In addition, the employer must ensure that the person concerned is able to drive all these authorized trucks.
Who can drive a forklift?
The driver must have at least a category A or T driving license (motorcycle or tractor license). A driving license is required in an area intended for public transport. The forklift driver must normally be 18 years of age or older. Slow, low lift order pickers may be transported from the age of 16. The driver must also not suffer from any illness or injury which would impair his or her ability to perform the duties of a driver. Read more about the Forklift Safety Card.


What company is behind the Get Competence service?
Kiwa Inspecta. Read more about the company.

Occupational Safety Card

Does the Occupational Safety Card include course material?
Yes, the Occupational Safety Card training includes study material provided by the Centre of Occupational Safety. The Trainer initially distributes to all participants. In distance learning, the material is distributed electronically in advance. 
Is the Occupational Safety Card mandatory?
The introduction of the Occupational Safety Card in companies is voluntary, but many companies require their subcontractors to have an occupational safety card because of the common safe workplace. 
Occupational Safety Card test
At the end of the occupational safety card training, a final test is arranged. There are always randomly selected questions in the exam. The exam asks about 20 right / wrong questions and in addition there are about 10 verbal questions.To pass the occupational safety card exam, you must get points of about 80% of the maximum score. If you do not pass the test, it is possible to renew it twice. After this, if the exam is not passed, the entire training must be repeated.After an approved exam, ... Read more
How can I demonstrate that I have completed the Occupational Safety Card training?
The Occupational Safety Card serves as a certificate of completed Occupational Safety Card training. Everyone who has successfully completed the Occupational Safety Card training will receive an Occupational Safety Card posted at home or the address provided. A paper or electronic course certificate does not replace the actual Occupational Safety Card. However, you can use it to prove the completion of the course before the Occupational Safety Card arrives.
How do I get a new car to replace a lost one?
If your Occupation Safety Card is lost, you can order a new card from the Center for Occupational Safety and Health
I did not pass the final exam, is it possible to renew it?
The Occupational Safety Card exam can be repeated two times.
Who manages the Occupational Safety Card?
The Occupational Safety Card system is managed by the Centre for Occupational Safety. 
Why Should You Get Occupational Safety Card Training from Kiwa Inspecta?
Kiwa Koulutusmaailma Occupational Safety Training is organized as webinar training daily. If the day’s training is fully booked, we will immediately arrange another training for the same day. So you can get the training the day you want for sure.

Occupational Safety Certificate

What is the difference between Kiwa’s Occupational Safety Certificate and the Occupational Safety Card by the Centre of Occupational Safety?
Occupational Safety Certificate™ is a completely online occupational safety training. The Centre of Occupational Safety Occupational Safety Card requires 8 hours of real-time training, either in the classroom or as distance learning. Read more about the Centre of Occupational Safety Occupational Safety Card®. Please note that these are two completely independent products.
Does the Finnish Väylävirasto approve the Occupational Safety Certificate?™
The Occupational Safety Certificate™ meets the requirements set by the Väylävirasto for occupational safety training. You can read more about their recommendations on safety training on Väylävirasto website.

Fall Protection Inspector Training

Does online training provide sufficient qualifications as a fall protection inspector?
The Fall Protection Inspector Training provides a good basic knowledge of how to perform an inspection, but in addition to this, the inspector must be familiar with the use, selection, characteristics, construction and operating defects of the fall protection device to be inspected. If necessary, the inspector must also use expert assistance in the use of inspection methods and in the assessment of hazards. Ultimately, the responsibility for who is authorized to inspect protective equipment l... Read more
How often must fall protection devices be inspected?
All guards must be inspected periodically. The inspection interval is specified by the manufacturer of the guard and must be clear in the operating instructions for the fall guard. The most common inspection interval is one year, but with a guard used in demanding conditions, the inspection interval can be shorter. Read more about the Fall Protection Inspector Training.
Which fall protection devices need to be inspected?
Fall protection devices include e.g. full harness, damper, support and restraint belt (rope, strap, lashing loop), connecting rope, grab, landing gear, and various lashing devices. Read more about the Fall Protection Inspector Training.
Why does a fall protection inspector need to complete training?
The law and standards oblige the employer to ensure that fall protection devices are in good working order. Fall protection devices must be checked regularly. The employee can inspect the fall arresters professionally once he is familiar with the design and correct use of the fall arresters.

Electrical Safety Card

Is the Electrical Safety Card Training based on the SFS 6002 standard?
Yes. Kiwa Inspecta's Electrical Safety Card is based on SFS 6002 standard.


What do I need to attend a webinar training
You need a microphone and camera. If you are participating to the Occupational Safety Card training, please see the detailed instructions here.