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Lifting Accessory Inspector Training

This course teaches selection, characteristics, construction and operating errors of lifting accessories and provide them with adequate knowledge and skills to inspect, repair and mark the equipment.

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Training includes
  • Complete the course at your own pace

  • The performance is immediately visible on the MyCertificate app

  • Visualised to enhance learning

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Available languages
  • Finnish


You can choose the language when starting the elearning.
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Lifting Accessory Inspector Training

229 € (+VAT)
The training has 100% money back guarantee.
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What is Lifting Accessory Inspector Training?

By law, lifting aids must be inspected at least every year. The employer may authorise a person familiar with their use, selection, features, construction and operating defects to inspect, repair and mark the aids.

Lifting equipment inspector training focuses on the selection, properties, structure and damage of the lifting equipment. The training also covers the audit process, operations and accounting of the audit. You will receive a Lifting Equipment Inspector Training Card for the training, which is valid for five (5) years.