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Competence Manager

Easiest way for companies to perform trainings.

You will see the current qualifications of your employees at a glance.

With Competence Manager, you seamlessly manage competencies, and your employees can complete training with a single click. You do not have to stress about outdated qualification or carry out surveys about the validity of employee qualifications.

Getting started with training is as easy as sharing a link

The competence manager includes an entirely new way of conducting training without a troublesome purchasing process.

Employees have easy access to competency training. You can either use a generic link, for example, on your company's intranet, and employees may access the competency e-learning of their choice. You can also share the link to specific training, and all employees that need electrical safety cards can complete the training. If you wish, you can also assign the training directly to an individual employee, and he will receive a link to the e-learning in an email. You decide.

Training is invoiced retrospectively every month. Invoices can be targeted to a specific company or cost center.  You may also provide additional information in the data field to allocate the costs effectively. Competency management is also effortless in terms of invoicing!

Want to review online training? You will receive a link from us, and you will be able to complete the online training. At the same time, you will experience such an effortless use of Competence Manager. Contact us and start your trial today.

Completion of training

Your employees can start online training, and register for face-to-face training or a webinar * via the link. Depending on the type of link you choose, the employee can first choose the training he or she wants to complete, or if the link is assigned to specific training, the employee just fills in their personal information and can start training right away.

After the training, the performer will see all their qualifications on the digital mobile card The performer will also be mailed a physical card to the address provided (if a card is available for training).

You and selected persons from your organization will be able to see the performance of your company’s employees from the Competence Manager. For each employee, you can see what qualifications he or she has, when they were completed, and for how long they are valid.

Do you already have another system for managing credentials? No worries. We have ready-made interfaces through which you can easily retrieve data back to your system.

* face-to-face training and webinar registration coming later.


Competence Manager makes your life easier and saves time for whole organisation

Competence listing
You can see all the information about your employees' qualifications at a glance. You can use filters to view when is the qualification completed and until when it is valid.
Perform trainings
Complete the training simply by following the link.
Billing afterwards
All training is billed afterwards - no more fussing with payments. Assigning bills to the correct unit, cost center, and billing reference is easy.
Verify competence
You can check if an employee has a valid qualification outside your company.
User management
You control who has the right to check employees' qualifications and who has the right to create and share links to training.
The administrator can customize the training portal with the company’s brand, visual look, and logo.
Billing details
You can allocate payments for billing to subsidiaries, cost center, or by billing reference if desired.
Your company can retrieve qualification information through an interface to another system. Ask for more!

Through the Competence Manager, you can currently complete e.g. the following trainings:

Start using the Competence Manager